Palestine has been described as the “land of milk and honey,” and indeed it is majestically beautiful with rolling hills, sloping mountains, river grottos and the Mediterranean Sea coastline. But the beauty belies the reality on the ground: More than 60 years of Israeli occupation have devastated the soil and water.
From razing farmland and orchards to dumping illegal Israeli settlers’ raw sewage into Palestinian water sources and to the heavy metal and chemical contamination from spent shells and mortars, Israel has severely injured the land it is fighting so hard to steal.

  1. The Occupation's Impact on Palestinian Environment - Introduction
  2. Environmental Impact of Settlements
  3. Environment Emerges as a Major Casualty in Palestine
  4. Gaza Strip Soil Has Been Contaminated Due to Bombings: Population in Danger
  5. Experimental Weapons' Use in Gaza May Cause Genetic Mutations in Unborn Palestinian Children