Checkpoints and Closures

International law guarantees the right to freedom of movement, but Israeli occupation authorities have denied Palestinians this right for decades. Israel has implemented a policy of movement restrictions, including checkpoints, man-made earth mounds, trenches, roadblocks, the Apartheid Wall, and an intricate and difficult system of traveling permits. Such restrictions on movements have crippled the Palestinian economy. Palestinians often times can’t get to work, particularly if the Apartheid Wall separates them from their place of employment or if their job requires them to travel beyond the 1948 Green Line. Palestinians also do not have access to quality medical care, and there have been many documented cases of deaths occurring at checkpoints because Israeli soldiers refuse to allow Palestinians through the checkpoint so they can get to a hospital.

  1. Checkpoints and Closures - Introduction
  2. On the Israeli Government’s New Decision Classifying Communities as National Priority Areas
  3. Map - Checkpoints and Closures
  4. Impact of Gaza Closures on Health: World Health Organizations