Take action for Palestine on Nakba Day and every day

May 15, 2020
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Palestinians are resilient despite Israel’s ongoing dispossession  

Today, Palestinians and their supporters around the world commemorate another year of occupation and Israel’s continued dispossession of indigenous peoples from the land of Palestine.  

While humanity is reeling in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and bearing its catastrophic consequences, more than 4,400 Palestinian political prisoners languish in Israeli jails without proper safety measures, rendering them vulnerable to contracting the virus. 

Two million Palestinians in Gaza enter their thirteenth year under a brutal and inhumane blockade, struggling to safeguard themselves against Coronavirus while looking for clean water to drink and existing with fewer than four hours of electricity per day. 

Palestinian citizens of Israel live as second-class citizens due to more than 50 discriminatory laws, and Palestinians in the diaspora, including refugees, are blocked from returning to their homeland. 

It has been more than seven decades since the State of Israel began its institutionalized theft of Palestinian land--and the Palestinian Nakba has been ongoing ever since.

 Unidentified Palestinian refugee in Damascus, circa 1948. Photographer unknown. 

For decades, Israel has shamelessly disregarded international law and plans to commit an additional war crime by annexing additional parts of the occupied West Bank as soon as July with Trump’s explicit endorsement. 

This is yet another iteration of the Nakba: more land theft, colonization, and forced displacement. 

Please take action today to help us shift foreign policy so that Palestinians may find justice by: 

1.       Contacting Congress to oppose the most recent step in our Nakba: Israeli settlements and annexation. 

2.       Registering for our Zoom webinar tonight to commemorate the Nakba.

3.       Making a generous and zakat-eligible donation today to support our educational and advocacy efforts. 

72 years after Zionist militias, terrorist groups, and the Israeli military killed and injured tens of thousands of Palestinians, destroyed approximately 500 villages, and forced 750,000 people–two-thirds of the Palestinian population–from their homes and into exile, Israeli policies still ensure the continued displacement of Palestinians.

The Nakba is not a one-time event but, rather, a continuous effort to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Palestine. 

These are not mere emotional sentiments; historical statements lend credence to the fact that removing Palestinians lies at the heart of Zionist ideology:

“The concept of ‘transferring’ European Jews to Palestine and ‘transferring’ the Palestinian people out is central to Zionism,” Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, said in 1944.

The late former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon told Agence France Press in 1998 that “there is no Zionism, colonization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands.” He clarified to The London Times that Israel will not put Palestinians on “trucks and drive them away,” but will “induce people to leave” by making their lives difficult.

Difficult is an understatement. The Israeli military occupation controls every aspect of Palestinian life. Trump’s much-derided so-called “deal of the century” issued at the beginning of this year has made things worse. It deepens Israel’s institutionalized apartheid system, allows it to annex Palestinians lands with impunity, and enables it to engage in a forced transfer of people like in Apartheid South Africa, resulting in the denaturalization of Israel’s Palestinian citizens. Simply put, Trump’s plan deals a blow to any prospect for peace.  

We cannot sit idly by while the Nakba continues. American Muslims for Palestine takes heart in the growing shift in US public opinion, including among lawmakers, acknowledging that Palestinians deserve their human rights. Multiple polls show a growing generational gap in attitudes toward Palestine and Israel, with millennials more likely than previous generations to support Palestinian rights. Israel is also becoming a partisan issue on Capitol Hill.

AMP is working diligently to educate the public and to train members of our community to participate in advocacy and civic engagement, bringing their Palestinian narrative to our policymakers. 

Together, we are confident we will continue to build momentum both at the grassroots and policy level. 

With your continued activism and support, I am confident that we will bring an end to Israel’s Nakba against the Palestinian people and see justice prevail.


Dr. Osama Abuirshaid, Executive Director
American Muslims for Palestine