Hebh Jamal: My birthday wish for Palestine

December 26, 2018

Dear Friend of AMP, 

Salam. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Hebh Jamal and I am a college student and Palestinian activist from New York. I am also a proud member of AMP and have been active in my local chapter for the past few years. Tomorrow is my 19th birthday, and I thought I would use the occasion to express how AMP empowers youth like myself and urge you to make a gift to sustain its important work.

Before AMP, grassroots organizing work for Palestine in my area was disjointed, unfocused, and lacked unity. The local Muslim community in particular had sympathy towards the Palestinian cause, but there was very little being done to organize and advance the cause of justice. AMP helped fill that critical void and proved to be an organization that fosters genuine leadership, growth, and allowed many, including myself, to translate our passion into action.

I expected my ideas to be sidelined and efforts to be ignored as someone of my age. There are very little organizations that give platforms and resources to the youth. Yet AMP proved the opposite to be true. I was not only allowed to take the lead on signature projects such as reaching out and presenting to community centers or organizing student delegates to Palestine Advocacy Day, but was also given the opportunity to provide my insight on the most appropriate course of action.  

This organization is open to any individual willing to put time and effort into Palestine. Its inclusionary qualities and willingness to work with different people despite ethnic or religious background is what drew me more to AMP’s mission and vision.  

It is why I am asking you today to join me in helping AMP reach its year-end goal of $10,000 to help continue its vital programs and fulfill a birthday wish. 

When student groups such as mine are undermined and suppressed, AMP provides us with much needed resources. When lawmakers are bullied or bribed by the Israel Lobby into supporting unconstitutional and anti-Palestinian policies, AMP is there to push back and has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to mobilize our communities to advocate at the legislative level. And when Zionists infiltrate our mosques and Muslim associations to push their faithwashing agenda, AMP is there to educate and give members of the community a firsthand look at the devastating occupation and apartheid conditions on the ground in Palestine.

AMP has an active presence in about a dozen cities and states from coast to coast. Please consider making a generous, tax-deductible contribution to support not just an organization, but to help build a movement—particularly one that directly invests its resources back in communities like mine. 

Until liberation,

Hebh Jamal