Are you upset about the Steal of the Century?

January 28, 2020

We're all fuming at what we witnessed today. The so-called "Deal of the Century" is essentially American legitimization of the Apartheid status quo. This new "plan" pretends to take Palestinians into consideration, but it is actually a further step by this administration to erase Palestine and its people as a whole. 

But it's not enough to get mad; it's time to get off the couch and take action! The U.S. will never become a fair broker in the Middle East and recognize the rights and security of Palestinians if we don't put in the work to build power in our communities and impact policy.

Take action today and register for Palestine Advocacy Day! Join a thousand advocates for Palestine on Capitol Hill this March. 

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Join a thousand activists and organizers from more than 32 states to lobby for Palestine and Palestinian human rights. AMP's 6th Annual Palestine Advocacy Day and Training will include two full days of legislative advocacy and local advocacy training along with one full day of Capitol Hill meetings. The training will be conducted by Capitol Hill staffers and subject matter experts. For more information, visit our Facebook event page—and invite your friends to attend!

For a small registration fee of $150 you get:

  • Two nights hotel and meals

  • Intensive training in legislative advocacy by policy experts and DC insiders

  • A day of lobbying your 3 representatives on Capitol Hill

Event is open to all supporters of freedom and justice in Palestine! For further information, please contact [email protected]