On Emgage and its connection to Zionist groups


American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is aware of and is addressing the grave allegations embroiling Emgage over its previous, and evidently ongoing, ties to Islamophobic and Zionist organizations.  From day one, we have taken these accusations very seriously.  
AMP is an integral member of the national umbrella organization, the US Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO).  As part of this broader coalition, AMP entered into talks with Emgage, which is a member as well, to address these issues, and to confront the Zionist links and correct any detrimental activities.  Any postponement in AMP’s position on this matter was due to our sincere and ongoing efforts to help Emgage to renounce its unacceptable alliances and to verifiably correct its mistakes.  Our aim has not been to undermine Emgage but to bring it to our side, and the just side of the community, if it so chooses. 
AMP takes a simple, strong, and principled position prohibiting covert and overt alliances and normalization with Islamophobic or Zionist organizations and elements, as well as any hateful individuals and groups.  All coalition partners of the USCMO adhere to these principles and this was made patently clear to Emgage when it sought membership in the USCMO.  
When Emgage applied for membership in 2019, it was provided with a questionnaire relevant to the accusations leveled against it today. Based on its responses to the vetting process, it was admitted into the USCMO. We had no substantive information at the time to suggest the answers they provided us with contradicted these principles. 
AMP doesn’t condone or tolerate any normalization with Zionist organizations. In fact, it is AMP that had issued publications on the subject, and it is AMP that has always pushed back against creeping normalization within our community. AMP is poised to publish an important report on the issue titled: “Occupying Interfaith: Jewish-Muslim Relations as a Site of Zionist Normalization," in the coming weeks.   
Although AMP is one of some three dozen organizational members of the USCMO, we have not engaged in any direct or indirect work with Emgage.  Since the extent of Emgage’s intolerable ties to Zionists has been revealed and documented, we have entered into a meaningful dialogue that has produced positive commitments pointing in the right direction.  
However, AMP is not satisfied with the pace and extent of that progress.  Our private and public demands have been consistent and remain the same.  We demand that Emgage, its members, and its family of organizations:  1) openly respond to and rectify all outstanding accusations; 2) renounce all past and current affiliations with Zionist organizations; and 3) take verifiable steps that they are in compliance with the principles stated above.
As a cofounding and leading member of the USCMO that represents, to a large extent, a collective voice of the American Muslim community, we will wait for its official report on the relationship with Emgage going forward. We respect the process and have full faith and trust in all other members to hold the same principles and values that are stated above. 
In the meantime, until these demands of the Palestinian and the Muslim communities’ leadership are met, AMP will continue to impose a prohibition on a collaborative relationship with Emgage.
We prefer to see Emgage correct its discourse, its policies, and practices, and meet all of our demands, as opposed to canceling them outright. We do see meaningful progress toward this end, but, as stated above, we are not yet satisfied with their response and therefore are demanding and working toward more clarity. 
AMP’s work for Palestine speaks for itself and we are always ready to engage with anyone working towards the freedom of the Palestinian people. 

We look forward to providing further updates on this important issue.