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We're Back!

We are proud to announce the relaunch of AMP’s annual flagship project, the National Israeli Date Boycott Campaign 2023. Please bookmark this page in your browser as we will be updating this page throughout the campaign.


Why this Campaign?

Dates are considered the “black gold” of Palestine. They are an important natural product of Palestine’s pure and blessed land. With the holy month of Ramadan knocking on the doors, this “black gold” is especially sacred due to the Muslim ritual of breaking fasts with them. But the Israeli colonial enterprise has produced its own industry of dates in a manner that is much more sinister.

Israeli date farms profit off of theft and abuse. They are predominantly grown in illegal Israeli settlements and are grown using stolen natural resources like water. Palestinian laborers, who are often forced by economic necessity to work in these illegal settlements, are forced to work in grueling physical conditions. Israeli labor laws are scarcely enforced when it pertains to Palestinian workers, leaving these Palestinians underpaid and un-compensated for their back-breaking work. 


What Else Can You Do?

1. Share this page with your family and friends, and ask them to sign our pledge and join in solidarity with this boycott of Israeli dates to support justice for the Palestinian people.

2. Download the campaign posters below. Select your preferred language(s), print, and share with your local stores.

  • English (Download here)
  • Arabic (Coming soon)
  • Spanish (Coming soon)
  • Bosnian (Coming soon)
  • Urdu (Coming soon)
  • Turkish (Coming soon)
  • Dari (Coming soon)
  • Somali (Coming soon)

3. Follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and share our campaign posts using the hashtag #BoycottIsraeliDates.

4. Find alternative date companies that you can buy from! Palestinian dates are often labeled “Grown in Palestine,” and there are a plethora of Algerian, Tunisian, Emirati, and Californian varieties to choose from. 


Date Boycott Campaign