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The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), a national education and advocacy organization, dedicates a large portion of its budget to support student activism on college campuses. We are here to offer free materials, information, speakers, infrastructure like the apartheid wall, and grants to help ensure your group has the best chance possible of achieving your goals. 

After the Summer of Fire, when Israel launched an unparalled brutal assault against the Palestinians of Gaza, Zionist organizations have come out in full force to whitewash Israel's crimes and to normalize the occupation. AMP is offering the resources you need to prepare yourself s to confront these Zionist tactics. From posters, to booklets to a PowerPoint presentation, we've got what you need to create successful programs about Gaza on your campus. 

Please download these materials or fill out the Materials Request Form to get multiple copies sent to your campus. If you have any questions, please contact our national campus coordinator, Taher Herzallah, at [email protected], or email the national office at [email protected]

Download our newest video - Gaza 2014: Summer of Fire 

from acclaimed student filmmaker Ahmed Hamad


PowerPoint Gaza posters



Gaza Book

Myths. Vs. Facts

Activisim Handbook 

Gaza booklet

myths vs facts

Actvisim Handbook

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