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What I Saw in New Orleans

January 26, 2018
By: Taher Herzallah Like many of you, I was excited to hear the news that the New Orleans City Council unanimously passed a groundbreaking human rights resolution two weeks ago. The resolution, which created a process to screen contractors or...

Mistaking Bullying for Diplomacy, Trump Once Again Threatens Palestinians

January 26, 2018
(WASHINGTON, DC 1/26/18) Speaking alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the economic summit in Davos yesterday, President Donald Trump once again insulted Palestinians, declared Jerusalem “off the table” in negotiations, and...

Israel's BDS Blacklist: Banning AMP Is an Admission of Failure

January 09, 2018
(WASHINGTON, DC 1/9/2018)—Over the weekend, the Israeli Strategic Affairs Ministry issued a blacklist, banning American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), along with 19 other justice-seeking organizations, from entry into Palestine/Israel, over...

Undeterred by Threats, UN Overwhelmingly Rejects Trump Jerusalem Declaration

December 21, 2017
(12/21/2017) - Today the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of a measure critical of U.S. President Donald Trump’s unilateral declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The nonbinding UN resolution was passed on...


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The American Muslims for Palestine calls upon all mosques and imams nationwide to dedicate their Friday Jumma Khutbahs to Al Aqsa in a show of solidarity to those who are peacefully working to protect the sanctity of this blessed and holy site,...

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