2012 Achievements

amp achievementsBy the grace of Allah SWT, 2012 was a year full of achievements! Working to raise awareness about Palestine in the United States is one of the most challenging tasks facing activists; but this year, we have taken the organization to a whole new level. From strengthening the movement from within the Muslim community and taking the cause to thousands of uninformed Americans, AMP is proud to report there is a significant advance in the Palestine solidarity movement in the US. Thanks to the help of the thousands of our chapter volunteers, donors and supporters, AMP has seen growth in many of our existing chapters and has opened several new chapters in areas that are crucial to the movement.

Since the opening of our national office almost four years ago, we have seen tremendous growth throughout the movement; thousands of Americans from across all demographic lines are standing up to demand justice for Palestinians. The time to become part of this growing movement is now! We urge you to support this noble cause and the work being done by AMP.

The following are among the achievements we have seen in 2012. Click on each item to read more.

Students: AMP educated more than 1,200 Islamic high school students from New York to California on issues related to Palestine and how they can join and strengthen the movement. AMP also supported SJPs and MSAs in their Palestine solidarity campus activism through financial and other means of support.

Outreach: From speaking events at colleges, universities, churches and public libraries to working in interfaith and other coalitions, AMP broadened its outreach into the mainstream American public.

amp communityCommunity: AMP has been working hard to mobilize the Muslim community to get involved in the Palestine solidarity movement. Our signature Jerusalem Summit program, which is working to build consensus among Muslim leadership to combat Zionist tactics to normalize the occupation, is one such example of the work AMP is doing within the Muslim community.

BDS: AMP initiated the first ever nationwide boycott of dates produced in Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land, as well as supporting a multitude of other BDS campaigns. Strengthening BDS in the Muslim community is of the utmost importance for AMP!

Conference: With more than 2,000 attendees, the fifth annual ‘Conference for Palestine in the US: A Movement United’ served as the vehicle to strengthen the movement.

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